Lindsay Lewis



L Two Productions’ founder, Lindsay Lewis, brings over twelve years of expertise and passion to the table. Hailing from Southern Georgia, she got her first taste of the industry when she took a studio manager position in Atlanta. Before long, she started producing album covers and music videos for a manifold of esteemed hip-hop musicians, including Usher, Outkast and Ludacris.

As her passion and skill set developed, she left the studio to pursue a solo endeavor and L Two Productions was born. Combining her love for travel, creativity and bacon (mmm...bacon), Lindsay has perfected still and motion productions around the corner and around the globe while compiling a network of first-class production teams along with industry specialists. Her immersive involvement with every job ensures smooth, stress-free and cost-effective shoots. Plus, she won two chickens in a shag dance contest, was a bridesmaid in over twenty-eight weddings and carries a peachy southern accent.

Dylan Bennett


Associate Producer

Born and raised in a small North Carolina beach town, Dylan got into production just like anyone else – by creating funny shorts built on beach days spent with his friends. (That was everyone, right?) After attending college in NC, Dylan traded NC for NY then NY for CA, where he spent several years as a marketing manager for an Encinitas based Immigration Law firm. Prior to joining L Two, he picked up industry experience as a PA on television and commercial sets followed by freelancing as a casting director and production manager. He loves surfing, comedy, speaks two languages and has seen UFOs.


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